Jefferson County Candidate Survey Results, 2018

2018 Jefferson County Candidate Survey Questions

Dear Candidate,


The West Virginia Liberty Political Action Committee is a growing group of citizens who believe passionately in preserving individual freedom and constitutional government.


Your position on issues relating to the preservation of liberty, limited government and individual privacy is of very strong interest to our members in your district. Would you please take a moment to complete and return the enclosed candidate survey?


The survey results may be shared with our members.

1) Will you support or introduce an effort to reduce and eliminate taxes and fees on residents?

YES____ NO_____

2) Will you oppose all tax increases, new fees or fee increases?

YES____ NO_____

We are blessed with many local produce and dairy farmers that are hampered by overburdening regulations harming not only the producers, but hampering economic growth in our County.

3) Will you support an effort to reduce regulations on small farmers and producers?

YES____ NO_____

The 4th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizures. Yet each year the number of “no knock” warrants grows with reports of up to 80,000 currently executed.  These allow a law enforcement officer to enter a property without immediate prior notification of the residents, such as by knocking or ringing a doorbell.  The use of no-knock warrants have increased over 2000% since 1981.  During this time period, 47 innocent people have been killed, and criminals have taken to shouting “police” when engaged in home invasions in order to avoid resistance from the homeowner.

4) Will you support the prohibition of “no knock” warrants in your county?

YES____ NO_____

Through the use of “eminent domain” local and state governments have seized private property from landowners to transfer that property to private interests for the “common good,” in clear violation of property rights.

5) Will you oppose any effort to use eminent domain to seize private property for the use of private interests?

YES____ NO_____


There has been an ongoing effort to remove, move or destroy historical markers in various counties around the state.

6) Will you oppose moving, removing, adapting or destroying historical markers and memorials?


YES                   NO               


Candidate Results

Key: (+= Yes) ( +! = Will Sponsor) (X = No) ( -- = Refused to answer) ( A = altered question)